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About Us

Have you ever found a product that was so perfect that you just had to tell all your friends about it? Or felt like a total genius after buying someone a gift they adored? We fully understand both of those feelings. 

Oh Ja is a convenient online gift shop full of carefully curated goodies to either spoil yourself with or gift a lucky someone. We appreciate the unending struggle of finding an original gift for someone who seemingly already has everything. Where do you find something unique that will adequately convey how special he/she is to you? Sometimes you need a gift for someone you don’t know very well.  We have a brilliant solution to each of these problems.  

Afrikaans speaking people will be familiar with the expression “oh ja” often used following an epiphany, when two dots are connected, or when remembering something once thought forgotten.  We felt this was a suitable name for our business since you will likely feel that way about almost every product on here.  

The person behind selecting all the treasures in this online gift store is none other than the acclaimed public speaker and author, Zelda la Grange.  

Each product has a connection to Zelda – either because she searched high and low until she found something that suited her needs, or because she has a connection with the producer.  

From hand poured candles to beautiful hats and fynbos products every item in this online gift shop will bring you joy. 

Although Yankee candles are the most popular candles in the world, our hand poured fine fragrances with an added South African touch will create a sense of luxury and grace in and around the home.  A proudly South African product made in our homes with love and care.  

We wish you a happy shopping experience.